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        1. Ship Survey

          Technical condition survey includes pre-purchasing survey and service condition assessment which is for ship owner, bank, operator or insurer to obtain an overall view and assessment of ship’s technical condition. SeaTec is able to arrange a surveyor to attend vessel in a short notice and flexible way at convenient port, by means of visual inspection of ship’s hull, deck, engine room, cargo hold, bridge and accommodation area as well as sighting of ship certificates, operation documents, and communication with ship’s crew, to assess the actual technical condition and potential risk.

          Marine survey includes on-hire / off-hire survey, bunkering survey, draft survey, preloading / loading / unloading survey, damage survey and etc. We are providing independent third party survey throughout all ports of mainland China and Hongkong. With utmost endeavor of attending surveyors we have managed to offer expertized service for ship owner, operator, P&I, shipper, consignee and trader worldwide.

          Pre-dry docking inspection and docking supervision, we have experienced with most of China repair yards for many years and serviced various Europe ship owner. We assist ship owner to prepare repair specification by means of port inspection or riding on board, to advise a suitable repair yard, and we also provide supervision during ship dry docking repair, our assistance would significantly lower the risk in the way of quality, progress and cost for ship owner.

          ISM/ISPS/MLC internal audit, we are qualified and experienced internal auditor, we can closely monitor ship’s berthing schedule and dispatch our surveyor to attend vessel, we believe this is more effective and economical way comparing with flying one auditor from overseas to China port.




          CONTACT US

          Contact:Mr. Franco Chen

          Phone:+86 13918799946

          Tel:+86 21 50460929


          Address: Rm 615, Block A, Sunland Maillen Mansion, No.555, Lansong Rd, Pudong, Shanghai, China